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Prague is a town with rich cultural tradition. Every night there are theatre performances, classical music concerts, etc. You will surely never be dissapointed by the lack of opportunities. If you decide to visit any performance, we can book your tickets, as well as give you personalised tips according to your interests.

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Here are some annual events taking place in our capital.

International Organ Festival


Prague Autumn (Prazsky podzim)

International music festival www.pragueautumn.cz

Strings of autumn

(Struny podzimu) International Music Festival, Jazz&Classics, Tradition&Experiment www.strunypodzimu.cz

XXXI. International Jazz Festival Prague


The Bohuslav Martinu Days

(December) www.martinu.cz

Days of European film

(January - February) Festival of contemporary European films, especially from EU countries www.eurofilmfest.cz


(March) International festival of films, television programmes and video www.febiofest.cz

One World

(April) International film festival - documentary films on human rights www.oneworld.cz

Book World Prague

(May) International book trade fair; Prague Exhibition Grounds www.bookworld.cz


International festival of gipsy culture www.khamoro.cz

Prague Spring

(May - June) International music festival; Prague concert halls, churches and theatres www.festival.cz

Prague Writers Festival

(June) International meeting of writers organizer: Festival spisovatelu Praha, Kremencova 7, Praha 1, tel. 224 931 053 www.pwf.cz

Musica Ecumenica

(June) www.top-music.cz

Dance Prague

(June) International festival of contemporary dance art and motion theatre www.tanecpha.cz

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